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Looner Nyami, Nyami Bone Necklace

Looner Nyami, Nyami Bone Necklace

Looner jewellery is the company of former World Freestyle kayaking Champion Deb Pinniger. Deb first began Looner in 1999 at the World Freestyle Championships in New Zealand. After travelling the world for several years, Deb decided to make extra travel money by selling wooden kayak pendants, that she had made for her, on the banks of the Zambezi River, whilst training for the World Championships.

Looner has moved on a little bit from its early days, however Looner’s ethos could not stand much stronger, than that of its original roots! Deb still travels the globe paddling new rivers and surfing sweet waves, now introducing others to her favourite paddling destinations.


There are river God Nyami, Nyami rules ... Always as a gift for others never for yourself.......

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