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Mega Shark rescue kayak

Mega Shark rescue kayak

The Canoe LifeGuards Shark

BCU LIFEGUARDS provide safety cover at various events throughout the year. These include long distance swims, white water events, raft /canoe races (inc. Devizes to Westminster) as well as patrolling beaches etc. During the summer months.

The organisation works closely with the RLSS ,SLSA, ST.JOHN and other rescue bodies in order to keep training, skills and qualifications of all the voluntary organisations on the same level plane. Among the 17 or so awards on offer currently there are the 8 and 16 hour first aid courses which cover the prerequisites for the BCU coaching awards.

Trainer and examiner status can also be gained for the entire award scheme and details can be obtained from the National Training Officer.

BCU LIFEGUARDS offers both professional qualifications to the dedicated lifeguard and safety/rescue courses to those wishing to know more about group and personal safety.


Things you need to know:
Our kayaks : Every kayak is custom made to your design and build spec choice.

Out fitting ; We include;

Our standard seat,

Adjustable back strap,

Foot pedals

Triple ply bulk heads

Deck lines


Colour : There is no standard colour or design , we will try to match your design choice. See examples.

Order: You don't have to order online, if you prefer you can call , email , facebook message or even Whasap .

Once ordered: we will send you confirmation emails and clarify that your order is as you wish before your payment is processed

Order time: It will take about 6 - 8 weeks to complete your build

Delivery: This website calculates delivery, If you prefer to collect from us then we will deduct the postage price before your payment is processed


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Build spec
Glitter Deck
Travel bag
Bulk heads
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